This power-packed membership program created by Therapists, for Therapists will dramatically shortcut the path to creating (or reviving) your PERFECT practice!

Recongnised by.


is like a coach, a mentor, a toolbox, a community,

a library and a best friend all rolled into one!



Whether you are just starting, or you're restarting your practice, this is simply the best all in one resource you will find to set you on the road to the great personal satisfaction, success and the freedom that running a successful practice offers whilst being part of a vision and a community on a mission to transform the global landscape of mental health and wellness.

The Collective Healing
Movement ™

Join a group of likeminded Therapists today and let us help you

build your dream practice and maximize your impact on the world.

It's Time to Meet Helen,

Your New Instructor

You're finally qualified,

you're ready to start changing
lives, but no one taught you:

  • How and where to find your perfect client

  • How much to charge.

  • How to sell without being salesy

  • How to build your systems to be compliant with the law

  • How to keep your clients... and how to turn them into raving fans

  • What about Branding? Business cards? Funnels? Websites? CRMS? Pricing? Payment Gateways?

  • And then there's Tax, Privacy, Compliance and Insurance...


being a Brilliant Therapist requires a very different set of skills to Running Your Own Business

And that's OK.

Great Therapists Are not great SALESMEN

Problem #1

Real, true therapists can struggle to sell themselves because, while we know our niche, we don’t all know our way around online marketing.

The healing, empathetic persona that makes us great therapists isn't naturally aligned to being a showy sales person, which makes it hard to stand up and stand out.

Real Results are Hard to find

Problem #2

Many of those who DO understand online marketing unethically use it to their advantage...creating stuff that totally under-delivers.

They aren’t experts in anything other than marketing, so they churn out crappy programs that don’t even do half of what they promise.

This makes it even harder to cut through and find your perfect client.

There is so much to do in setting up your business you run out of time and money to make the business work

Problem #3

We all got into this industry to help people, but before you can help anyone, or even find anyone to help there is so much more to understand about getting your business set up.

And every day we see people who have become so bogged down with mechanics of starting your practice that you self doubt starts to creep in.

Can you relate to either
of these scenarios?


I am an expert and I've found my niche, I have some clients out there in the already, but my calendar isn't full and I don't have a dependable income yet.



I am procrastinating because I either don’t know where to start or I’m so overwhelmed with all the processes and the tech behind it that I struggle to make progress on my practice.

We’re going to put an end to all of this, right here and now -

without wasting any more time.

After 20+ years of building beautiful, profitable, ethical and sustainable businesses We've got it covered...

...The Collective Healing Movement™ is the result of everything we've learned

(and sometimes we've learned it the the hard way!) and now...

We're on a mission to help others!

Our program will simplify that start up phase, get you out
from behind your computer and get YOU out in front of
your perfect future clients, ready to change lives and have
real meaningful impact on the world...

Just like you always imagined...

Hi, I'm Helen

I'm an Therapist, Coach and Business Strategist.

And about 15 years ago that I made a promise to myself

that I would never let anyone struggle with an issue that I already had the answer to

Over the past 25 years I have worked with people from all walks of life, and helped them achieve the business and personal goals they DESERVE.

From small part time business owners, to multi million dollar tech companies and government departments, I've now helped many people create the life of their dreams (and achieved a few of my own too!)

But I made a promise to myself about 16 years ago that I would never let anyone struggle with an issue that I already had the answer to.

Life is just too short.

And seeing how many people were facing new challenges with their businesses post Covid I decided now was the perfect time to upskill myself and add some significant therapy skills to my existing business toolkit.

I started my therapist training in February 2021 and in joining this beautiful sector I realized just how under supported therapists are when they enter the business world.

And that is quite simply why I created this movement - to help as many therapists as I can to clear away their business roadblocks and experience the success, the wealth and the happiness they deserve.

For you to have the biggest impact possible, you now need to take control of your business and build your practice to reach the right customers, I'm going to be right by your side to help you do just that.

You're in the right place, you belong here.


Recongnised by.


We can wrap our expertise around you, using our Simple Collective Healing Movement Rules you will be able to take yourself to market knowing that you deliver something that makes a significant impact in your clients lives.

And simultaneously this creates a beautiful, sustainable practice for you, all whilst being loved, supported and protected by a community of like minded professionals.

Lets talk about what's inside...

This is the big reveal!

The Collective Healing Movement ™ isn't just another course for you to listen to - It’s specifically designed to create momentum in your practice from the very start.

And because we've done this once or twice before, we've included EVERYTHING you could possibly need to get you stood up and moving towards your goals.

If you've already completed your Vivid Vision then we will dive straight into action planning, and if not - then our Vivid Vision Challenge is your first assignment. It's 6 short lessons (under an hour each) and it will have you brimming with confidence so that you are firing on all cylinders when you have finished.

From here we look at every single aspect of your business, with either a tutorial or lesson on 'how to', or a prebuilt resource for you to customise and use.

From Invoice Templates, to scrips for calls, how to set up your zoom room, to finding the right strategic partners to creating free gifts for your clients about Anxiety/PTSD/Trauma - you name it we have it for you.

Aside from the business tools, our therapy content library is extensive with hundreds of amazing resources which are licensed for you to rebrand and share in your practice.

Our custom workflow is available for you in 17Hats, which takes you from online enquiry right through to the day after your 21 Day Audio is completed, just sign up and we will import it into your account for you.

Every week we have a training call, which covers something you need to learn. And a coaching call where you can rock up with any and every problem you need help with in your practice.

My lovely VAs are on hand for you, if you have tech problems we can help you solve them, and usually at no cost to you.

As part of the membership, you will join a supportive community of other therapists, who all know how to hold space for each other, to gently keep you accountable for having an impact on this world, to provide support, advice and kinship.

You will see opportunities to build, expand, grow or even streamline your business where you haven’t seen them before.

Finally, we track your progress: We have a health check on the way into our world, and then every month we look at your goals, look at your progress and work out the right next thing for you to do. Whenever you need you can just book a call and we'll tell you what the next step should be, and how best to take it. Our job as your coaches is simply to help you keep the promises you make to yourself, and we do that best by working beside you.

Based on the many years Helen has spent working with business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and start ups – just like you – we know you will experience a transformation that will not only set you up for an amazing 2022, but will actually transform your life forever.

The three key components in everything we do

Brilliant Success only arrives when you have these 3 elements in your day to day business


If your mindset isn't right, there are multiple issues that may cause you to struggle... I'm preaching to the choir!

But you know this is true!

The shift from Confident Therapist to Confident Business Owner is REAL, the gap is real, and the transformation in your thinking is vital in order to achieve success you deserve.


The Overwhelm of starting a business is now absolutely immense.

There are SO many tools, gadgets, widgets, courses, integrations, gateways, privacy laws - it's never ending...

In building your strategy you have to know first WHAT you're doing, And you must understand WHY you're doing it and then the rest

(the HOW) will come together..


Unless you have a strategy, there is simply no point taking action.

But once you have your strategy and you understand how to establish and grow your business, then you can go full throttle and dive into action to build your practice.

The trick, is taking the RIGHT actions and creating the right daily habits.

Brilliant Success only arrives when you have these 3 elements operating seamlessly in your day to day business

... you know how these pages work!


At a Glance: This is what's in the box...

The 12 Month Collective Healing Movement Training Program

Personalised Monthly Goal Setting

Friendly Follow Ups To Keep You On Track

2 x Weekly Coaching Calls

Best Foot Forward Planning Tool

Unlimited Access to the Therapy Tools Library

17 Hats Workflow Templates

IT Support to Iron Out Your Technical Glitches

Practice Document Template Library

Beautiful Online Community of Like-Minded Therapists

your Weekly Investment is $40

Why So Cheap?

Whilst it is absolutely true, the greater the financial commitment, the more likely you are to show up (and we will teach you that as we work through our programme!) In this instance, we believe that some rules are made to be broken!

It is SO important to us that every Therapist has the opportunity to acquire exactly the right business skills that are necessary to create a practice that they are proud of.

Too many people give up on their dreaming because of overwhelm, doubt, self sabotage...

The WORLD NEEDS YOU! The world needs you to share your gift, to heal, to empower your communities, to enable healing, to bring light and joy. The WORLD NEEDS YOU!

And because of that, we can easily put purpose over profit for this programme.

We always say, the proof is in our inbox, here's a few words

from some of the many people Helen has worked with recently


kind and a fabulous communicator.

Helen is inspiring

with her enthusiasm

and ideas for my business.”

"I don’t have much previous business experience so having Helen’s wealth of knowledge was invaluable for making sound business decisions.

Helen helped me clarify what my goals were to give me clearer direction in my small business.

I am always inspired and super motivated after our catch ups.

100%. Helen is AMAZING!"

our Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee

Just in case you are not 100% satisfied.

This really will be the single BEST investment you can make for yourself and for your practice.

To prove it, you receive a ‘peace-of-mind’ guarantee.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after you've had a chance to look around and see what is inside, I will offer you a full refund, scouts honour!

Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 10 days to explore the content, the community, the action we take and THEN... make a decision using the information YOU DO HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

Just join today and get started with the program, and the guarantee will automatically apply from Day 1.

We just have one rule - regardless of how you pay and any refund we give you, if you leave the program, you can't be readmitted for 2 years. So before you leave, be sure you're sure! Sound fair?


Helen provided advice and guidance on business development which made my customer base doubled within a year.

This had a huge impact on my income.

Helen always has time to answer my questions. She was able to explain things in away that would make it easy for me to understand.

She made an everlasting impact on my life.

“My customer base doubled within a year”

“Helen is a beautiful kind confident woman who knows her industry inside out.”

Helen Listened to my needs and set about getting a plan ready to help my business move forward, we designed and put together an amazing website and the guidance and help was there even though you had only just met me.

I was so grateful..


A few more SNIPPETS from our clients

Helen creates change that Really sticks

Helen first guided my company in 2018. She was extremely positive, despite being it being very stressful for me at the time. The process was intended to reset the business and enable it to unleash its full potential.

Her knowledge and expertise relieved a huge burden from me, her support was superb.

I could not have achieved this result without Helen.

She is honestly amazing at what she does - I have recommended her to many people and I am aware of many ladies in my business group who she has assisted.



I have had the pleasure of working with Helen across a number of spheres, personal mentoring/career and business development.

Helen is insightful as regards industry trends, has a very wide and relevant contact base. She always does what she says she will do, often going the extra mile to get projects completed.

At the end of the day Helen truly cares for her clients and is committed to going 'above and beyond' in support of them.

Helen is a gem and I watch with interest to see her future successes

Frequently asked questions...

I haven't launched my practice yet.

Do I need this?

Oh my goodness, YES!

I wish I had all of this information before I started my first business this is absolutely great preparation for anybody wanting to launch their own business whether that's a dream or a goal

(hey how about if it's a dream we make it into a goal - that's a great place to start! )

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

So this is really key and this is the difference between our program and a lot of those online courses that you'll see out there at the moment. We will be with you every step of the way.

And whilst we can't physically sit right next to you but we will be beside you for every step of the way... And that's what's so special about this organisation, we don't just preach, we get beside you and we work through your challenges with you. We're with you every step of the way.

Do I still need an Accountant?

Yes absolutely, but we will help you understand what you accountant can and can't do for you - and how to make the most of the info you get back from them and your accounting system.

How much time is required?

Our learning modules are around 30 minutes, and you need to put aside a clear day or a half day on a regular basis to put what you learn to work.

Our Group Calls are always great, but always optional. Any planned events will be published well in advance.

If you have a coaching issue and you need 1on1 help, you just submit your question in advance of the call and if you're very busy you can shoot off as soon as it's been answered.

How long can I keep the material for?

The tools and strategies you will learn will be useful forever, and we encourage you to please come back to it use it as often as you can.

The Tools Library and the 17 Hats workflows are yours to keep also.

What else can I use this for?

A lot of our strategies a transportable and you can apply them to all areas of your life but primarily this is about building out what you need to get your practice up and running.

Where we have copywrite we'd ask you to credit us if you are re-teaching our methods, in the same way that you will see we do.

Is there a community with this product?


Our online community is a great support for you through this really important phase of learning so not only will you come out of this with a clear vision you'll have a black book full of new friends too.

Being in Sole Practice is hard some days. We want to make it easy.

so If not now, when?

The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago.

The second best time is now.

Whether you are starting, or restarting your business,

this is simply the best all in one resource you will find

to set you on the road to the great satisfaction, success and freedom

that running a successful practice offers.

... you know how these pages work!


At a Glance: This is what's in the box...

The 12 Month Collective Healing Movement Training Program

Personalised Monthly Goal Setting

Friendly Follow Ups To Keep You On Track

2 x Weekly Coaching Calls

Best Foot Forward Planning Tool

Unlimited Access to the Therapy Tools Library

17 Hats Workflow Templates

IT Support to Iron Out Your Technical Glitches

Practice Document Template Library

Beautiful Online Community of Like-Minded Therapists

all for a Weekly

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